Minnesota Street Project: Chartered Artist.

If you hadn't noticed recently, there's an art buzz going on in the city of San Francisco. SFMOMA is reopening after a closure of almost 3 years, we have new branches of Gagosian and Pace, plus a pop up space for Fraenkel Gallery: FraenkelLAB.  Let's also not forget the new show coming in May to the largest space dedicated to photography on the west coast, Pier 24 Photography . Phew, there must be something in the water!

There is one other space making the headlines and that is Minnesota Street Project. To stem the hemorrhage of artists and galleries leaving the city due to sky rocketing rents, entrepreneurs and collectors Deborah and Andy Rappaport were inspired to "create a space driven by the couple's belief that philanthropic support for the arts today requires an alternate model—one suited to the innovative nature of Silicon Valley and the region as a whole." This exciting space opened on 18th March 2016 - with over 4,000 people attending or at least trying to attend! 

In January, the project sent out a call for artists. Applications were for long term studio space - 30 designated studios across the street from the gallery space. With over 300 applications, they shortlisted 65 artists for studio visits.  I found out at the beginning of March that I have been selected as one of the 30 charted artists in the space! This will be my first artist studio! It is also great moment for the artist community, mine and the greater one of San Francisco. I am honored to sit with some wonderful peers. I cannot wait to get in there!

The full list of artists can be found here http://minnesotastreetproject.com/studios