Silhouettes at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive: March 8th - June 11th 2017

A snippet from the BAMPFA piece on my upcoming show opening Wednesday 8th March. I will be giving a gallery walk through at 6pm. 

"This exhibition presents Erica Deeman’s series Silhouettes, thirty large-scale photographs of women from the African diaspora. The manner in which these images were shot and printed emphasizes the subjects’ stark silhouettes against a white background; however, these are actually color photographs, and prolonged looking reveals nuances of tone that call into question our initial assumptions about the technique and, by extension, the subjects themselves. Indeed, the artist’s goal is to create complicated expressions of identity analogous to her own journey of self-discovery: of dual English and Jamaican heritage, Deeman (b. 1977) was raised in Nottingham and is now based in San Francisco."